Cliff K Goldsmith Associates, Inc.                                                                 
Professional Licensed Private Detectives



The Executive Security Activity (ESA) can handle personal or group protection matters, work place violence as well as security for clients , business, industrial, or corporate affairs.

For Executive Protection and Security Assignments, , ESA agents travel in advance and conduct site surveys which establishes the need for manpower, equipment, hospitals, evacuation routes in case of emergencies during Operations and also works closely with the Travel and Trip Directors and Meeting Planners.

Before engaging in Executive Protection or Security Measures, our Agents arrive on the site and coordinate with all individuals involved such as Federal, State or local law enforcement (as needed), Event Meeting Planners, Directors of Corporate Security, and attends any pre-function meetings with the hotel or facilities staff.

For conference security, we perform Professional Loss Prevention Measures to insure that our client's, usually a Business or Industry, are prepared to guard against the unauthorized dissemination of Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Proprietary Information and any other Confidential information or products.

Information that was gathered from site surveys or Intelligence from advance work is disseminated and discussed with all parties who have interest regarding the client’s activities,purpose or functions.

Prior to arrival for Conference Security, our Agents establish check points and limit access to areas that are being utilized for the Conference Meetings or functions and provide a Plan of Action for your particular event to authorized individuals associated with your meetings.

Our agents are trained to conduct Counter-Surveillance, Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM), employ Investigative Measures and Activities to protect and suppress Competitive-Intelligence Adversaries who may attempt to illegally and/or by happenstance, try to obtain Intellectual or Proprietary information and Trade Secrets during a Conference or Functions while on the premises of a Hotel or any other Facilities.


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