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Professional Licensed Private Detectives
About Us

Since 1987 ,Cliff K. Goldsmith Associates, Inc. (CKGA)  a professionally licensed, bonded private investigative agency operating in the State of New Jersey, as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, has conducted  various  confidential investigatory services and measures for law firms, lawyers, business, industry, and corporations.
CKGA has sources of information and contacts nationally as well as worldwide.

CKGA has recently celebrated our 25th year of operation.

CKGA Operatives and Associates are highly skilled licensed professional investigators conducting intelligence support services to assist , help and obtain knowledge that provides information to our clientèle with advantages during litigation, Investigative and Professional Security or Loss Prevention matters to help provide timely, objective, and cohesive coordination of  intelligence and information.

CKGA has two sections; Intelligence Support Group (ISG) which engages in investigative measures in criminal defense, civil, domestic matters, as well as corporate matters involving fraud, internal theft, and counter-competitive intelligence.

Executive Security Activity (ESA) conducts professional security operations such as conference security/professional loss prevention for our corporate clients of business and industry. CKGA is also a Licensed Security Agency in NJ [SORA Certified] and ACT 235 Certification in PA.

ESA deploys our licensed professional investigators for the protection of intellectual and proprietary property as well as Personal Protection for Corporate Officers, or any individuals that would need such services. CKGA on occasion have been deployed to protect political officials.

Please note, this is not a uniform contract guard service

ESA also engages in counter-surveillance, /Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) which is a practice to detect and suppress covert electronic surveillance systems and devices such as hidden microphones or video cameras. CKGA utilizes only state-of-the-art equipment and our technicians or trained to the latest techniques, devices and counter-surveillance equipment. ESA has also "swept" apartments and dormitories for students to make sure that there new livings quarters are free and clear of any covert electronic surveillance systems.

                                    Professional Associations

 CKGA is a proud member of the following professional investigative associations:

National Association of Legal Investigators
New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association*
Pennsylvania Association of Legal Investigators
Intellenet- International Intelligence Network*
Investigative & Security Professionals for Legislative Action

*Cliff Goldsmith is the former  Executive Officer /Vice President
 of NJLPIA and   NJ State Delegate for the NCISS. Currently Legislative Director for NJLPIA

2007 recipient of the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator of the Year Award given by the NJLPIA.

Please feel free to contact our office and discuss how our diversified professional investigative experience can be utilized to provide valuable application to your organization, business, or law firm.

CKGA reserves the right to determine what cases we may accept and reject. If CKGA does not accept your case, most likey,we will refer your case to a cooperating Agency for assistance.

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