Cliff K Goldsmith Associates, Inc.                                                                 
Professional Licensed Private Detectives


                                       Civil and Criminal Defence Investigations

CKGA investigators are experts in investigations and can adapt to various situations regarding to all phases and levels of inquires.  We can help locate and identify potential witnesses, whether friendly or hostile.  We are particularly skilled in obtaining interviews and statements from hostile witnesses.

We can prepare detailed diagrams with photographs regarding any type of accident such as motor vehicle, personal injury or industrial accidents or incidents. 

We are well-versed in locating witnesses and missing persons needed in support for investigative or litigation  matters and obtaining photographs for circumstances including covert applications for any location such as aerial to underwater environments.

CKGA investigators have testified to our findings in Federal, State County and Municipal Courts

We also conduct asset inquiry investigations.  If provided with judgment, we can locate stocks,bonds,banks accounts,property or any other assets that the defendant may have.  CKGA abides by the Federal law and rules of the GLB act.
                                             Insurance Defense Investigations

CKGA is hired by lawyers for insurance companies, business and industry to conduct defense investigations to acquire the condition of plaintiffs or claimants activities. We also engage in surveillance to document the movements and behavior of the claimants activities that are inconsistent with there stated allegations of their injuries or other workplace situations in which an investigation is needed.

                                                       Domestic Investigations

CKGA conducts investigations regarding marital matters such as child custody, alimony, infidelity and/or marital property disputes.

                                                      Corporate Investigations

CKGA conducts investigations regarding internal theft, fraudulent services, product diversion, due diligence, or copyright infringement activity.  Routinely, our corporate investigations are also handled by the Executive Security Activity of CKGA regarding professional loss prevention for intellectual or proprietary information or property or other corporate trade secrets as well as personal physical protection for executives or other individuals or groups of persons where a need for such services are necessary.

                                                      Underwater and Marine

CKGA can map or search for objects which are submerged underwater. We can conduct Hydrograph surveys, photography, Remote Vehicle Observation Inspections and side scan sonar.
                                                 Surveillance Activity Service

CKGA conducts covert surveillance on various applications including criminal defense, Business, Corporation, product diversion , Industry matters, insurance defense, civil, and matrimony/domestic affairs.


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